About us

Wildlife photography is a labor of love and passion of the Jeffrey family. What started out as a hobby and leisure activity turned out to become a way of life for THE JEFFREYS, who share a passion for wildlife and nature photography.

Serendipity, an exhibition of some of our best photographs was launched January 2016, at the Lionel Wendt, Colombo Sri Lanka. The photographs are captured in Sri Lanka, mainly in the Yala, Wilpattu and Minneriya National Parks, but also include various other locations including the Jaffna peninsula, the central hills and coastal belt.

Sri Lanka is one of the best places to spot Leopards (Panthera Pardus Kotiya), who differ only slightly to its African siblings. Undeniably, Sri Lanka is a great place for Asiatic Sloth Bear, Asiatic Elephant, Blue Whales and the sensuous Greater Flamingo. The island also boasts of an extensive bird life, in close proximity to the city as well as around the country.

All work featured in this website are the exclusive work of THE JEFFREYS.


Reyaz was always fascinated by photography. His passion for outdoors and wildlife came to the fore during a four-year stint in the deep Sri Lankan south, whilst working at Seylan Bank.

Travelling and especially being in the midst of nature is Reyaz’s relaxation and unwinding. Reyaz considers himself to be lucky that his job takes him around the country and thus giving him the opportunity to both explore and share the beauty of Sri Lanka with friends and family.

Reyaz is a Marketer by profession and is currently resides in Sydney, Australia.


The quiet explorer and the power behind the team (the Nucleus)

Sabi has always been an essential part of the Jeffrey family explorations. Be it a trip to a jungle or a trek in search of an old temple, she’s always game.

Ensuring that all arrangements have been sorted, that the two boys have their extra battery or memory card and making sure they have food and drink is something she does with immense happiness. She’s also an excellent spotter for birds and animals while on drives.

Sabi is a banker by profession and until recently worked at NDB Bank as the head of its flagship branch at Dharmapala mawatha.


Zal’s first foray into the wild was when he was just 1 year old. Over the years, he has grown up with nature and in great awe and appreciation for wildlife and nature.

Zal sports a different photography style from Jeffrey Senior and will wait for that perfect shot with patience.

Zal is currently reading for his Bachelor’s Degree at Macquarie University in Sydney.